Wall Street v.2.0 – no greed, no envy

The Occupy Wall Street campaign is legitimate. As long as the nonviolence policy of the movement sustains, their voices deserves to be heard and political actions should be taken to oblige their cause. They claim to represent 99 % of the people, fighting the ever-growing gap between the richest and the rest. Liberty and justice for all – who does not support that?

OWS bus close to Liberty Plaza, New York City, 9-Oct 2011

The movement must watch their steps though: The focus must continue on the key case – restoring more democracy in America by confining the possibilities to pay for influence. “We can no longer afford to let corporate greed and corrupt politics set the policies of our nation” (OWS web page). While business can – politics should never be left to a capitalistic market. Moreover the movement should not evolve into an all-encompassing fight against globalisation and capitalism. The error lies in the design, not in the ideologies.

As the OWS movement fights “greed”, one of the seven deadly sins, it is of pivotal importance to do so with an objective and moral perspective. If the movement is fuelled by “envy” – another deadly sin – it becomes tautological and amoral. This is a weak point that will appear from time to time in the movement, and certainly will be attacked by its opponents.

The coexistence of capitalism and solidarity, Liberty Plaza, New York City, 9-oct 2011

Let’s hope OWS impacts us all, our politicians and our financial elite, making the world an even better place. Occupy Wall Street must not close Wall Street; but install the Wall Street version 2.0 update. The one without greed and envy.

Reference: www.occupywallstreet.org

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