Walmart: Delivers

Walmart – the world’s biggest private employer – gives jobs to 2.1 miilion people worldwide. That is close to the complete Norwegian workforce (2.5 mill in 2011, SSB)… Walmart is now and then subject to critique and their products are usually mocked as low quality. I’m testing this out. My hypothesis will be that Walmart gives relatively more value for the bucks than most other retailers out there. How else could they become so hugely successful?

Living in biker-friendly D.C. I was looking for a bike. The market for used bikes in U.S. is not as rich as in Europe (understatement). At flea markets, sellers will try to sell you thirty year’s old pimped-up bikes starting at $300. In specialised bike shops the cheapest bikes start at the same prices. At Craigslist there are a few opportunities, but not many and the quality is varying. I found my bike at A brand new GMC Denali 700c Men’s Road Bike for the bargain price of $160… Shipping cost directly to home lower than $15. At the website you can read nothing less than 262 personal customer reviews that rate the bike with an overall score of 4 out of 5 stars.

I ordered the bike on a Sunday and got it delivered by FedEx the following  Tuesday. All the way I could track the order online. That’s efficient logistics. Assembling it is faster than the buying process at a regular store. More companies should study the logistics and order-handling procedures at Walmart. Thanks to China for producing my bike, Walmart for beating the market, and 262 Walmart customers for sharing your experiences and thereby simplifying the decision process.