The Routledge Companion to Lean Management wins the Shingo Research Award

Terrific news! It is a great honor to receive the prestigious Shingo Research Award for the Routledge Companion to Lean Management, co-edited with Dr. Daryl Powell and published with Routledge earlier this year.

Shingo Research Award for the Routledge Companion to Lean Management,

We look forward to attending the 2017 European Shingo Conference in Brussels October 16-18, where we will receive the Shingo Research Award and present the book and its key conclusions.

It is time to recognize our 72 excellent contributors from 16 countries. Below is the table of content listing the 40 chapters in the companion with their respective authors.


  • Ch. 1 The Evolution of Lean Thinking and Practice by D. Jones & J. Womack
  • Ch. 2 The Toyota Way: Striving for Excellence  by J. K. Liker


  • Ch. 3 Lean Production by P. Found & J. Bicheno
  • Ch. 4 Lean Leadership by M. Ballé
  • Ch. 5 Lean Innovation by G. Schuh, S. Rudolf, & C. Mattern
  • Ch. 6 Lean Product & Process Dev. by M. Rossi, J. Morgan, & J. Shook
  • Ch. 7 Lean Systems Engineering by C. Haskins & B. W. Oppenheim
  • Ch. 8 Lean Logistics by M. Baudin
  • Ch. 9 Lean Safety by R. B. Hafey
  • Ch. 10 Lean Teams by D. van Dun & C. Wilderom
  • Ch. 11 Lean IT by P. Åhlström, R. Kosuge, & M. Mähring
  • Ch. 12 Lean Sales & Marketing by B. Wahba
  • Ch. 13 Lean Branding by L. Busche
  • Ch. 14 Lean Accounting by B. H. Maskell
  • Ch. 15 Lean Auditing by J. C. Paterson
  • Ch. 16 Lean Remanufacturing by E. Pawlik, J. Corney, & W. Ijomah
  • Ch. 17 Lean and Green by K. Zokaei, I. Manikas, and L. H. Lovins
  • Ch. 18 Lean Purchasing by T. Torvatn, A.-C. Pedersen, & E. Holmen
  • Ch. 19 Lean Supply Chains by J. Gosling, M. Kumar, & M. Naim
  • Ch. 20 Lean Distribution by M. Holweg and A. Reichhart
  • Ch. 21 Lean After-Sales Services by B. Resta, P. Gaiardelli, S. Dotti, & D. Luise
  • Ch. 22 Lean Corporations by T. H. Netland


  • Ch. 23 Lean Healthcare by D. Jones
  • Ch. 24 Lean Construction by G. Ballard
  • Ch. 25 Lean ETO Manufacturing by  D. J. Powell & A. van der Stoel
  • Ch. 26 Lean Mining by B. Ghodrati, S. H. Hoseinie, & U. Kumar
  • Ch. 27 Lean Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul by M. M. Srinivasan
  • Ch. 28 Lean Public Services by Z. Radnor
  • Ch. 29 Lean Armed Forces by N. Bateman and P. Hines
  • Ch. 30 Lean Policing by H. Barton, R. L. Matthews, & P. Marzec
  • Ch. 31 Lean Justice by A. L. Martins, I. Storsjö, & S. Zanoni
  • Ch. 32 Lean Public Water Supply by K. Scholten, B. Ward, & D.P. v. Donk
  • Ch. 33 Lean Dealerships by D. Brunt
  • Ch. 34 Lean Software Development by M. Poppendieck
  • Ch. 35 Lean Printing by K. Macro
  • Ch. 36 Lean Retail by P. Myerson
  • Ch. 37 Lean Education by V. Wiegel & L. Brouwer-Hadzialic
  • Ch. 38 Lean Schools by J. Riezebos
  • Ch. 39 Lean Universities by S. Yorkstone


  • Ch. 40 A Lean World by T. H. Netland & D. J. Powell

Special thanks to my co-editor Daryl at Kongsberg Maritime AS, Subsea division, Horten, Norway. Daryl is a true lean champion and transformation leader with extensive experience from both practice and academia. He is one of those rare “pracademics” who really deserves the Shingo Research Award. This project would not have seen daylight without his creativity, capacity, and passion for lean thinking. Thank you, Daryl!

The book can be ordered directly from Routledge or from, or any other large book retailer.

6 thoughts on “The Routledge Companion to Lean Management wins the Shingo Research Award

  1. I am honored working with both of you and I am very happy for the success you have reached. I know all the hard work you have been doing for many years. Congratulations to both you and Daryl!
    PS – probably have to buy and read the book despite the high price and hope for “value for money”

    • Well done, you deserve this award for all your hard work. So so proud of you Dr Daryl John Powell

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